The International Spiritual Teen Akram Retreat

The International Spiritual Teen Akram Retreat

iStar is a specially designed Akram Retreat for International Teenagers & Youth (between the age of 13 to 21 years), that gives them the opportunity to study in-depth the Spiritual Science unveiled by Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan.

The Retreat is held for all international youths with an interest in learning Spiritual Science through Dada Bhagwan's Akram Vignan. It is conducted in a very simple and lucid way, using modern methodologies, to suit the liking of today's youth. The Retreat includes interactive activities, day-trips, jatra (religious tour), group discussions, self development programs & games, videos and also darshan session with Pujya Deepakbhai, and satsang sessions with Aptputra bhaio & Aptputri behno. It gives a wonderful opportunity for youngsters to visit India & Simandhar city to get a flavour of Indian culture, interact with other like-minded youths from various countries and get an in-depth introductory understanding of Akram Vignan (step-less spiritual path).

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This retreat is held in India at Simandhar City (Adalaj,Gujarat) every summer (July / August) for two weeks. So it provides a great opportunity to visit India and Simandhar City to get a flavor of Indian culture, interact with other youths from across the world whilst learning Dada Bhagwan's Akram Vignan. For the convenience of the participants, the language of communication during the retreat is English.  

       iStar 2024

     6th August - 19th August

       iStar 2024 Fees: 

     USD 600 & GBP 525

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