Retreat Cost Details

iStar 2024 is scheduled from 6th August to 19th August 2024.

The iStar retreat will cost US $600 / GBP £525 for full enrolment of 14 days, excluding your flight cost to and from Ahmedabad Airport, Gujarat.

The retreat cost will include:

•Accommodation in Simandhar City.
•Transport to & from the Ahmedabad Airport / Railway Station, Gujarat and for any excursions.
•Food and water facilities, a special kitchen will be operated during the entire retreat.
•Other sundry expenses like a welcome kit, course material, administrative costs, souvenirs etc.

Step 1 : i-Star Participant Information

Gender* Male Female

Step 2 : i-Star Participant Family Information

Step 3 : Emergency Contact Information

Please verify the emergency contact details and change if necessary.

Step 4 : Medical history of the Participant

Has the Participant received recommended vaccinations for travel to india:* Yes No

How is the participant's general physical condition ? Please specify if there are any physical difficulties. *

Does the Participant have any chronic / recurring conditions? Please specify if there are any. *

Is Participant taking any type of medication ? (if yes please provide details below.)* Yes No

Parent's Authorization

The information listed on this health information form is correct to the best of my knowledge, and the Participant described herein has permission to engage in all prescribed activities, except as noted on this form.

I, as a parent, authorize iStar personnel to seek emergency treatment / appropriate treatment as required and to transport my child to the appropriate medical facility in the event that urgent/emergency care is necessary, prior to my notification.

Parent's Name :

Confirmation of Parent*    I Agree

Note: In the event of an emergency all attempts will be made to contact the parent/guardian at the contact details provided prior to treatment if time allows.

Step-5 : Retreat Rules and Regulations

For Participant

My signature below indicates that:

  • I will be respectful to others at all times.
  • I will not use profanity or engage in public display of affection.
  • I will stay with my assigned team & team leader.
  • I understand that disruptive behavior is absolutely not allowed.
  • I shall adopt modest attire to maintain the purity & sanctity of Sim City & other religious places.
    1. Boys should not wear shorts & wear full pants in Simandhar City & also during 1-Day-Trip.
    2. Girls should wear  Punjabi dress with a dupatta/odhni/scarf/stoll to keep their chest-area covered and avoid wearing tank-tops, sleeveless shirts / t-shirts and skirts / pants above mid-calf.
  • I understand that I am to stay at the retreat for the entire 14 days from start to finish and will not be leaving for any reasons except in the case of an emergency with parental approval.
  • This retreat only provides vegetarian food - no eggs, meat or meat products are allowed. Consumption of alcohol, illegal drugs,cigarettes, and meat is strictly prohibited throughout the retreat.
Participant's Name:

Confirmation of Participant*    I Agree

For Parent

My signature below indicates that:

  • If necessary, my child may be transported in a private vehicle.
  • My child has my permission to engage in retreat activities and agrees to participate fully in the features of the program and to cooperate in maintaining an atmosphere of respect and dignity.
  • I consent to the use of my child's image or voice in photographs, audio and video recordings taken during the course of this camp.
  • I understand that if my child brings a cell phone / other electronic or valuables, they will be responsible for the safe keeping and use of the same.
Parent's Name:

Confirmation of Parent*    I Agree

Step 6: Useful Tips

Things to bring to the retreat

Please make sure that your name is CLEARLY MARKED on ALL of your belongings that you bring to the retreat

The following is a checklist to help you prepare for the retreat:

  • towel, washcloth, handkerchief
  • toilet paper roll, wet wipes
  • hand sanitizer gel
  • toothpaste and toothbrush
  • soap, shower gel and shampoo
  • fleece blanket, a light winter jacket, or fleece jacket, hoodie jacket, socks
  • hat
  • light jacket
  • flashlight and spare batteries
  • slippers / running shoes
  • clothes
  • Rain Coat and Umbrella
  • note book / pen
  • sun screen
  • insect repellent
  • Goggles